Raw and Living Foods

The basis of a raw food diet is simple.

Raw food is food that has not been heated to above 44 degrees centigrade and typically consists of a raw ingredient – pure, unadulterated and whole (and usually from a plant).

A raw food diet can include a wide variety of raw fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, land and sea vegetables, roots, sprouted grains, pulses and legumes. Forty-four degrees has been demonstrated to be the magic number that ensures foods maintain optimal concentrations of phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins and mineral meaning maximum nutrition and life force.

It’s not just about having the most nutrients either – it’s about consuming food in its most natural form so that all the components of that food are working together in the best way possible when we consume it.

The term “living food” is a more attractive phrase than “raw food” and is often used interchangeably. I like the term “living” though as it puts more emphasis on retaining the life force of the food. As we are all energy – it seems to make sense that by providing our beings with the foods that contain the most alive energy and life force, we will have the most alive energy and life force. I have found this to be true.

When you start eating more raw and living foods, you will find you tend to get more signals from your body about what it needs!

Start by focusing on the these main food categories:

  • Fats and proteins (nuts, seeds, avocadoes, coconuts etc)
  • Carbohydrates (fruits and non leafy vegetables)
  • Superfoods (dark green leafy vegetables and superfruits and roots)

The idea is not to look at deprivation, but where can I include MORE of these things into my daily diet.

Roar! Superfoods' Basic Eating principles:

  1. Eat more fruit and vegetables, especially leafy greens. A plant based diet appears to facilitate transfer of nutrients and information across the cells. This means more focus and better assimilation of the food you’re eating.

  2. Eat less processed sugars and grains

  3. Drink more water (and make it good water!) – Hydration is essential. This means cells are not shriveled and results in better transport across cells, better delivery of information through the blood…more energy and focus

  4. Get more into less – i.e. make your food count…eat the best quality foods you can and add superfoods where possible

  5. Don’t overeat – research is suggesting that not overeating is one of the top ways to live longer

  6. Try for organic and local wherever possible: the less toxins there are in your system (in an already toxic environment) and the closer you can eat your food to when it was picked/made the more likely it is to have some good stuff in it.

  7. Eat more live foods and less dead foods to get the most nutrients – Dead foods are from animals and cooked, living foods are from plants and raw.

  8. Eat more alkalizing foods than acidifying foods. The idea is to work towards 80/20. Leafy greens are the most alkaline. Animal proteins are the most acid forming.

  9. Eat with awareness and take the opportunity to reinforce whatever positive thoughts you’re connecting with at this time. Chew more and eat more slowly!

  10. Ensure variety

  11. Enjoy the journey, be gentle and have fun!

Catherine Francis. B.Sc 

Director & Chocolate Alchemist,

Roar! Superfoods

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